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Press Kit

Nov. 17, 2011: Press kit (Zip format) - announcing the launch of our One for India campaign.

  • Includes our press release in word and pdf formats
  • One for India web banner
  • One for India poster 1, poster 2 and poster 3
  • AID wins Times of India Global Impact Award, 2011 : {Picture 1 | Picture 2}
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    Video Link: [Click here]


    .::Web Banners

    Here are the One for India Web Banners.


    (400 by 94)

    (200 by 47)


    (150 by 150)

    (200 by 200)    

    (250 by 250)    

    (300 by 250)

    (336 by 280)


    .::Email Signatures

    Include these lines in your signature file to publicize One for India, everytime your send an email.

    Create a ripple. Be a Change. Join the Wave.
    Together, we can make everyONE count.

    Are you looking to make a difference this holiday season?
    everyONE counts @

    I will do ONE thing for India, this holiday season!

    O n e F o r I n d i a
    This season of giving
    What can ONE do for India?
    Find out @



    Please print and poster around town.